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Using Baby Food Pouches Correctly

making baby food with healthy ingredients

Baby food pouches are great in emergencies or when you are out and about and can’t sit down with your baby and feed him or her with a spoon. We don’t think any modern-day mom can easily live without them!

However they do have a downside:

Misleading Labels

making baby food with healthy ingredients

Ingredient labels can be misleading. The first items on the ingredient list make up the bulk of the ingredients in the baby food pouch. Therefore, if the pouch says that it contains something you want your baby to eat, but it is far down the list, there is probably not much of that ingredient in the pouch.

Fix this by making your own baby food pouches

Vital Eating Skills

If your baby only ever eats from pouches but does not experiment with spoons and finger foods, he will not learn vital eating skills such as chewing.

Fix this by not only relying on pouches. Use the pouches for when you are not at home. Let your baby eat finger foods as soon as they are old enough. Also let them practice eating with a spoon.

Limited Taste Experience

Most store-bought pouches have a limited taste (ie sweet). Parents need to help their babies develop a taste for a variety of flavours such as savoury, different vegetables, grains and meat.

Fix this by introducing your baby to a variety of foods and textures

Please consult your pediatrician for advice as to your baby’s readiness for purees and finger foods.

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