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Tips for Making Kid-Friendly Smoothies


We all know how difficult and stressful it can be to get children to eat their vegetables and often you find yourself in a battle of wills. But, there is an easier way. Many children love squeeze pouches and love fruit smoothies. Sneak in some vegetables and you have the perfect way to encourage children to eat more vegetables (and fruit). Here is how you can make kid-friendly smoothies:



Children love bright colours, so a bit of planning to make your smoothies colourful will give you a headstart. An unappetizing looking smoothie will put them off, so choose one dominant colour for your ingredients and you will have better control over the end result of the smoothie. If you have a recipe that results in an unappealing colour, you may wish to disguise it in closed container with a lid.


Most children have a sweet tooth. Some vegetables are naturally sweet, but more natural sweetness can be added by using fruit. The trick is to balance the sweetness without adding too much extra sugar. If you gradually decrease the amount of fruit in the smoothies you make, your children will not notice the changing taste and will soon not require as much sugar.


The unexpected texture of unblended chunks of fruit and vegetables can put your children off their smoothies. Therefore, make sure your blender is of good quality to ensure optimal smoothness.

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Smoothies are generally drunk from a glass, jar, or other container, but they can be consumed in a handy portable pouch as well. Sinchies have a range of reusable food pouches that are perfect for smoothies on-the-go or anytime they’re not at home. An added bonus is that you do not need to worry about shattering glass if they knock it over or drop it.

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