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Sinchies Facing the Plastic Crisis

plastic crisis Sinchies

Recently, National Geographic Magazine have been sharing some devastating photos of the plastic crisis our Planet Earth is currently experiencing. These photos are appalling. You can check them out here (National Geographic), here (National Geographic Instagram) and here (Bored Panda).

I understand that plastic has a necessary place in our world, but this resource being abused. Every resource must be used responsibly and very few are. This is an age old problem that isn’t just about plastic. For example, in one of Bill Bryson’s books (favourite author alert!), Bill tells us that pecan nut trees ran the risk of going extinct in America because it was easier for the first European settlers to cut down a tree to harvest the nuts, than it was to pick the nuts off the tree. Wow! Just wow!

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Sinchies Voucher Inside!

Sinchies Reusable Food Pouch Voucher

We promised you a Sinchies Voucher, and here it is finally!

Use Voucher Code CleanEating at checkout and you will receive a 10% discount on your order!

Don’t delay – this voucher is only valid for a week. Use your voucher code here.

Feel free to share this code with your friends.


sinchies voucher announcement

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Sinchies Voucher Coming Soon!

It’s time for an exclusive Sinchies voucher and we don’t want you or your friends to miss out. If you have already signed up for our newsletter, you will be receiving a voucher within the next couple of weeks. If you have not yet signed up, now is the time, as we do not want you to miss out on this opportunity.

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Why I Refuse to Worry About Day Zero

Refuse to worry about Day Zero

As Day Zero looms ever closer, most of Cape Town is in a panic over water. Accusations are being thrown around like confetti and there is a lot of anger targeted towards any possible cause, including the farmers growing our food, inadequate infrastructure and maintenance, suburbia’s swimming pools, informal settlements’ car washes, population growth, and climate change, etc. The list is growing. Whatever the cause (or causes), I feel that it is besides the point; there is a water shortage, and it has to be dealt with. We have to ride this wave (excuse the pun).

I agree that the prospect of standing in queues at water collection points is extremely daunting, but I have decided not to worry about this possibility and this is why (other than the fact that it keeps getting moved forward).

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Interesting Product Feature: Simply Bamboo Toothbrushes

Simply Bamboo Toothbrushes

Recently I came across the marvelous world of bamboo toothbrushes.

According to Wikipedia, one toothbrush manufacturing company in Britain manufactures 70 million toothbrushes a year. Plastic found in standard toothbrushes cannot be recycled. That means that every used and discarded plastic toothbrush ever made is sitting in a landfill somewhere, making the number of now useless toothbrushes astronomical. Obviously, this is not sustainable. Is there a solution?

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Healthy ice lollies, ice pops, bompies, bunny licks, or something

reusable ice lolly pouch

I recently conducted a survey on a South African Facebook group, and asked what people called those plastic packets filled with juice that you freeze. We all enjoyed eating them as children. After letting it run for a while, I tallied up the points by counting each reply as one point. If anyone reacted to that reply, I counted the engagement as a point too. Bunny licks got the majority vote.

I stopped counting after I received 74 comments and likes, and these are my results:

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Sinchies 150ml Top Spout Reusable Pouches

150ml Top Spout Reusable Pouches unicorns

After a couple of years of great success, Sinchies launched their limited range of 150ml top spout reusable pouches with fun, modern designs. Of course, I couldn’t wait to get them to South Africa and share them with Sinchies fans on this side of the planet.

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Sinchies for Dads! Yes, You Heard Me; Sinchies for Men!

reusable food pouch adult

So you think that Sinchies are just for babies? No ways! They’re for everyone in the family including Dads! We thought we would share some ideas for Sinchies for Men in this post.

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Product Showcase – Sinchies Lunchbox Recipe Cards

Sinchies lunchbox recipe cards

The Sinchies Lunchbox Recipe Cards is a great addition to your Sinchies pouches collection. These handy cards give you something quick to refer to when you are looking for ideas to fill your child’s pouches for school and daycare.

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Moms! You can be a Sinchies Consultant!

sinchies consultant required

The Reusable Food Pouch team have been working extremely hard on their new direct-marketing programme and can’t wait to welcome our first Sinchies consultant.

We are looking for moms who would like to make a bit of extra money with any free time they may have.

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