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Boring is OK

I had a conversation with Daddy Bear over the weekend, when I mentioned that we didn’t actually have to entertain Baby Bear at all times. That it is actually good for her to be bored. And this was somewhat surprising to Daddy Bear, which made me think that maybe it would be surprising to some others out there.

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Judgy McJudgerson


I was recently judged for being … wait for it … too judgy. I was beyond upset and angry because what I said I had not meant to be taken as a judgement. Once I got past the intial pure anger, I sat to try and analyze exactly why I was so upset. And I realised that it’s because I do my best generally to not judge – as a mom there are so many choices to make that it is impossible to not be judged by someone, somewhere. However, I made the conscious choice to not judge other moms – this momming business is hard enough as it is without having to worry about what other people are thinking. In my household there are two people who have a say in how our child is brought up – and that is the two people who are her actual parents.

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