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How Easy is it to Recycle in South Africa?

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South Africa, like many other countries around the world, have a problem with waste. Our landfills are quickly filling up and even if they were not, this is still not a solution because it will take centuries for all that plastic to fully decompose. Less packaging and more recycling is the way to go, but in order to successfully recycle in South Africa, this may take a bit of extra, out-the-box planning.

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How to Make Litter-Free School Lunches

lunchbox ideas

We all know what a rush the school-mornings are. Because of this, convenience often becomes paramount when packing school lunches and parents often resort to buying pre-packaged and processed foods in an attempt to save time.

This means that every day packaging is thrown out and if you were to multiply that amount by the number of school-age children in South Africa, the amount of waste becomes rather frightening.

How can you make a litter-free lunch for your children and why is this a wise option for your pocket and the planet?

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Boring is OK

I had a conversation with Daddy Bear over the weekend, when I mentioned that we didn’t actually have to entertain Baby Bear at all times. That it is actually good for her to be bored. And this was somewhat surprising to Daddy Bear, which made me think that maybe it would be surprising to some others out there.

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The Bullying Phenomenon

If you have spent any time on social media, you have probably come across a dramatized video depicting the life of a victim of vicious bullying. These videos end in tragedy; the victim usually committing suicide. Although bullying is a problem and awareness of such is a necessity, are these videos the answer? Do these videos give our children and their parents the wrong idea of bullying? Do events have to be this extreme to be taken seriously? Is bullying a new development in our society? Where do we draw the line between innocent teasing and bullying?

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