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Why Sinchies is the Leading Pouch Brand

leading pouch brand

Are you curious to know why Sinchies is the leading pouch brand? I’m sure you’ll agree that Sinchies have many plus points.

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Lunchbox Ideas Free Worksheet

Lunchbox Ideas Free Worksheet

This blog post marks the release of our newest downloadable freebie for you to print at home; The Lunchbox Ideas Free Worksheet!

The other day I read a meme about parenting. I cannot remember the exact words but it defined a mother as someone who carefully packs sandwiches every day so that they can be safely taken to school and then returned home. It must be very disheartening for those mothers who wake up early and put all their love into making fresh food for their children just in case they decide to eat that day.

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Recipe: Gluten Free Chocolate and Black Bean Brownies

Gluten Free chocolate and black bean brownies

If you have ever baked chocolate brownies, you know that their delicious fudgy texture is mostly because of an embarrassing amount of sugar. Believe me, I love chocolate brownies (I could do with one right now), but I cringe whenever I make them because of the sugar. So, if you want a chocolate brownie treat, what can you do to reduce the sugar and keep the texture. This gluten free chocolate brownie recipe extraordinaire uses black beans (Yay for hidden veg!) for the texture allowing you to use less sugar. Did I mention, it’s also Gluten Free!

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Gluten Free Snacks for Lunchboxes and at Home

Gluten free snacks

One of the hardest allergies to cater for is a gluten allergy. What gluten free snacks can you add to those lunchboxes? I’m sure you and our children can take only so much in the way of rice cakes and crackers. Also, rice cakes tend to go stale very quickly in a lunchbox – especially if you put anything on them. But never fear, I have some ideas for you!

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Sinchies Voucher Coming Soon!

It’s time for an exclusive Sinchies voucher and we don’t want you or your friends to miss out. If you have already signed up for our newsletter, you will be receiving a voucher within the next couple of weeks. If you have not yet signed up, now is the time, as we do not want you to miss out on this opportunity.

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Recipe: Easy Banana Custard Suitable for Babies

banana custard suitable for babies

I haven’t posted any recipes lately so thought it was about time to do so. I love this easy banana custard recipe because it can be changed to suit your baby / toddler / child’s needs as well as your own preferences. It’s also really simple to make. It has no nasty additives or preservatives and can be made out of any milk, formula or even breast milk. How awesome is that?

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Three Chocolate Smoothie Variations

three chocolate smoothie variations

Chocolate smoothies are a good alternative to chocolate milkshakes. They can also be infinitely tastier making them a good addition to lunchboxes. The only tricky part is finding chocolate smoothies recipes that you like best.

In order to make the task of finding your favourite chocolate smoothie recipe a bit easier, I’ve done a little bit of research and found three chocolate smoothie variations from other South African blogs.

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Healthy ice lollies, ice pops, bompies, bunny licks, or something

reusable ice lolly pouch

I recently conducted a survey on a South African Facebook group, and asked what people called those plastic packets filled with juice that you freeze. We all enjoyed eating them as children. After letting it run for a while, I tallied up the points by counting each reply as one point. If anyone reacted to that reply, I counted the engagement as a point too. Bunny licks got the majority vote.

I stopped counting after I received 74 comments and likes, and these are my results:

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Sinchies 150ml Top Spout Reusable Pouches

150ml Top Spout Reusable Pouches unicorns

After a couple of years of great success, Sinchies launched their limited range of 150ml top spout reusable pouches with fun, modern designs. Of course, I couldn’t wait to get them to South Africa and share them with Sinchies fans on this side of the planet.

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