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Sinchies for Dads! Yes, You Heard Me; Sinchies for Men!

reusable food pouch adult

So you think that Sinchies are just for babies? No ways! They’re for everyone in the family including Dads! We thought we would share some ideas for Sinchies for Men in this post.

Dads Use ‘Em for Smoothies on the Go

Make Dad-size smoothies in the Sinchies 200ml, 500ml and 1 Litre reusable pouches. Take them to work, to gym, on picnics, to sports events and even the man cave! They’re also perfect for running gels for marathon and cyclist Dads!

mango smoothie

Dads Use ‘Em for Marinade Bags

Sinchies 1 Litre pouches are perfect for Dads to use for their braai marinades. Try our Easy Sweet and Sour Chicken Marinade.

easy marinade

Dads Use ‘Em for Toiletries When Travelling

The 80ml Sinchies are the perfect size for travelling Dads. Fill them up with sunscreen, shampoo and bodywash so they’re ready for a trip anywhere!

reusable pouch toiletries

Dads Use ‘Em for Dad’s Lunchbox

An 80ml reusable Sinchies pouch of salad dressing, makes a lunchbox so much more exciting and helps prevent the dreaded limp lettuce.

reusable pouch salad dressing

Dads Use ‘Em for Spices in the Kitchen

Any chef dads out there? They can mix up their own spice blends and infused oils and store them in Sinchies reusable pouches.

reusable pouch for spices

Got any other ideas? We would love to hear what the Dads in your house use Sinchies for!

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