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Sell on Bid or Buy the Easy Way

Bid or Buy Verified seller

If you’ve ever tried to sell on bidorbuy’s website you probably noticed it is not so easy. The form is quite detailed and takes some time to complete. If you have many items to load, it can take hours, and then after a few weeks it expires, your listing is deleted and you have to start again. But there is a solution other than uploading complicated Excel spreadsheets.

You Can Sell on bidorbuy with a WordPress Plugin

If you have ever worked with WordPress, you have probably already worked out that my website is a WordPress website. Recently I discovered a little plugin (yes, WordPress users lives revolve around plugins), that intergrates your webstore with bidorbuy; bidorbuy Store Integrator

I decided that this was an opportunity not to miss and thought you  might be interested in the process as there’s very little information on bidorbuy’s website regarding the plugin.. All you need is a verified bidorbuy account, to be running Woocommerce on your WordPress site and of course the bidorbuy Store Integrator plugin.

After checking that everything seemed legit with the plugin, I installed it and tweaked a few settings. Then I sat back wondering what to do next. I scoured my account on bidorbuy looking for the integrate link, but I could find nothing. Eventually, I contacted their live online support.

The online support team were very helpful but don’t actually do much to help you set up your account except forward your contact details to the relevant person. I dealt with Jacques who had me up and running in no time.

The plugin sets up three different links that need to be sent to the bidorbuy team and from there they integrate your webstore with bidorbuy from their side. I don’t know how the back-end works on bidorbuy but I can tell you that I was up and running that very night and ready to take orders!

The best part about this plugin is that everything is kept updated which means the bidorbuy listings are always correct and in line with your webstore leaving very little room for error. It’s great!

Find me on bidorbuy

bid or buy verified sellerSome people prefer to buy off bidorbuy’s website as they have the extra buyer protection from bidorbuy. Bidorbuy also offers more payment methods than most regular online stores. So, if you are in need of some Sinchies reusable pouches (who isn’t?) and prefer to use bidorbuy to make your purchases, please visit my listings here… 

Alternatively, visit our webstore on this website here.

This is not a sponsored post.

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