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Why I Refuse to Worry About Day Zero

Refuse to worry about Day Zero

As Day Zero looms ever closer, most of Cape Town is in a panic over water. Accusations are being thrown around like confetti and there is a lot of anger targeted towards any possible cause, including the farmers growing our food, inadequate infrastructure and maintenance, suburbia’s swimming pools, informal settlements’ car washes, population growth, and climate change, etc. The list is growing. Whatever the cause (or causes), I feel that it is besides the point; there is a water shortage, and it has to be dealt with. We have to ride this wave (excuse the pun).

I agree that the prospect of standing in queues at water collection points is extremely daunting, but I have decided not to worry about this possibility and this is why (other than the fact that it keeps getting moved forward).

Worry Will Not Solve the Problem of Day Zero

There is very little that I alone can do to stop Day Zero from happening but collectively we can make a difference.

Worrying about what might happen is not going to change the outcome. I am doing my best to stay under the 50 litres per day water target and am saving water the best that I can. This is how I can show respect to my neighbours living in Cape Town, and I can only hope that they show respect to me by doing the same.

Day Zero is not the First Crisis Ever

It is unrealistic to expect oneself to go through an entire lifetime without facing some sort of crisis. This is not the first major drought I have lived through and I doubt it will be the last.

world war 2Some examples of other crises people have faced / are facing

  • If you’ve watched or read anything on the Second World War, you will have some idea of the hardships endured by the majority of Europeans at the time.
  • 9/11. Need I say more?
  • What about the countless unaccompanied minors living in refugee camps at this time? Surely they are going through a tougher time than we could ever imagine.
  • Other floods and droughts across the world
  • Earthquakes and other natural disasters

What about you, have you faced a crisis at another point in your life?

Day Zero and Climate Change

I do believe that one of the major contributing factors to Cape Town’s water crisis is climate change. Overseas news sites are backing up this idea and if climate change continues as it is, this won’t be a lone incident. It would be a good idea to get used to the idea of using less water.

Surviving Day Zero

If we have to, we will. And so will you.

2 thoughts on “Why I Refuse to Worry About Day Zero

  1. Yes I save with you!
    I am also reassured by Tom Brown’s weekly posts.

    1. It’s nice to know that there are others out there who are also trying their best despite all the negativity. Thanks for the comment 🙂

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