Sinchies 140ml Reusable Pouches; Pack of 5 or 10


Sinchies 140ml reusable pouch, ready to fill with your little one’s favourite, healthy food! And anything else you can think of.

Freezer and Dishwasher Safe. Free from BPA, Phthalate and PVC, these on the run food pouches are handy and easy to use.

Ensure young children are supervised when using this product! It contains small parts (the lid/cap) which children could swallow or choke on. Ensure you take the ring off the spout after unscrewing the lid, before giving it to your little one to enjoy! We recommend purchasing the child safe choke free lids if using this product for little ones.
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When out and about, do you worry about the cost store-bought food has on your pocket, the environment or your family’s health? If so, Sinchies Reusable Pouches is just the product you are looking for!

This top spout 140ml reusable pouch is our most popular size and perfect for expressed breastmilk, baby food purees, lunchbox snacks such as desserts, yoghurt and smoothies, sauces and even toiletries when for business, holiday and camping trips.

Ready to fill with your little one’s favourite, healthy food! And anything else you can think of.

These awesome pouches have some great benefits for you:

  1. Free flow spout allows you to choose exactly what goes into each pouch. Does your child prefer smooth pureed foods or something a little chunkier like yoghurt with mashed fruit? Perhaps you are looking for a solution for those rushed mornings when a breakfast smoothie is what you need for a quick meal in the car.
  2. The double ziplock not only makes filling and cleaning our pouches easy, but also prevents leaks and spills in nappy bags and school satchels. No contraptions are needed to fill Sinchies pouches.
  3. The transparent plastic designs keeps your children safe by allowing you to see if there are any little bits of food left in the pouch while cleaning
  4. The durable material out of which Sinchies pouches are made allow for the best longevity out of the various pouch brands on the market.
  5. Not only that, but Sinchies pouches are BPA, PVC and phthalates free. 
  6. Did you know that Sinchies pouches are freezer safe, allowing you to prepare and freeze in advance for those busy week days?
  7. Don’t have time to hand wash the pouches after use? No problem! Sinchies pouches are dishwasher safe too!
  8. Home-made goodness with store bought convenience! You can monitor exactly what goes into the pouch, ensuring your children receive optimum nutrition that is free from preservatives, sugars or additives.

Eco friendly – With the environment in mind, minimal packaging and biodegradable or recyclable materials have been used.

We are so confident that you’re going to be totally satisfied with this product that we are offering you a 30 day money back guarantee!

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Pack of 5, Pack of 10


  1. Marta

    I used a Sinchies for breakfast this morning and it was excellent! I’ve been having so many problems feeding my daughter. She either clamps her mouth shut when I show her a spoon or snatches it from me and fails to get more than a mouthful. Handheld food is the same – enthusiastic, but poor intake. With your pouch, she holds it, puts it up to her mouth when she wants some, I squeeze, she swallows. And when I offer her the stuff that she’s dribbled onto her chin on a spoon she actually takes it. I think the pouch distracts her! She’s an ex prem so feeding and weight gain have been issues since the start. I am so happy I can just make my own food and feed it her properly. So, thank you 😉

  2. Erin

    We have just arrived home from a European trip with our two girls aged two and 6 months. We took with us some Sinchies for our bubba who was just starting on solids to use. Hubby raved about how fantastic they were the whole trip and said it was the best thing we took. Made our job so easy trying to take and store food for our baby. I would pack the food in the morning and pop in a cold pack, we could feed bub when we wanted with hardly any mess or fuss then just rinse when we got home at night ready for the next day. Was brilliant on the plane!! Highly recommended!!! Thanks for a great product!

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