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How to Make Litter-Free School Lunches

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We all know what a rush the school-mornings are. Because of this, convenience often becomes paramount when packing school lunches and parents often resort to buying pre-packaged and processed foods in an attempt to save time.

This means that every day packaging is thrown out and if you were to multiply that amount by the number of school-age children in South Africa, the amount of waste becomes rather frightening.

How can you make a litter-free lunch for your children and why is this a wise option for your pocket and the planet?

What is a Litter-Free Lunch?

litter free lunchboxIf you’re new to the concept of a litter-free lunch, the idea is quite simple. It means that there is no disposable packaging that needs to be thrown out after your child has eaten. Instead, food without wrappers and plastic bags is stored in reusable containers.

Think back to the lunches you took to school as a child. I am sure you did not generate nearly as much waste as the average child today. Did you take sandwiches you made yourself? Did you sometimes have a slice of left over quiche or piece of chicken from the night before? How was your lunch packed? Some of these childhood memories can help your children today.

Why Make a Litter-Free Lunch?

  1. It is a great way to help your family reduce waste and in turn you can help look after our planet
  2. It can save you money as you will avoid buying excessively packaged products
  3. Your children will eat more fresh food which is much healthier than the processed, pre-packaged, varieties. Your children will learn good eating habits that will benefit them throughout their lives.
  4. Help your children learn responsibility as they must learn to look after their lunch kit and bring it home from school.
  5. Most importantly, it is not as difficult as you think!

What can I Include in Litter-Free Luncheslunchbox ideas

  • fresh fruit
  • dried fruit and nuts
  • vegetable sticks with houmous
  • sandwiches
  • homebaked muffins
  • homemade muesli bars
  • cheese slices
  • left over chicken pieces, boerewors or meatballs
  • quiche slices
  • hard boiled eggs
  • homemade yoghurt
  • smoothies

What about Accessories?

  • cloth napkins (rather than disposable)
  • steel forks and spoons (rather than plastic)
  • reusable food and drink containers

How Can Sinchies Help You Make a Litter-free Lunch?

We have a range of food storage products to help you make a litter-free lunch. Check out our range of reusable food pouches in our online store. They are great for smoothies, yoghurts, custards, etc.

We also have a large selection of fantastic recipes and lunchbox ideas that are ideal for a litter-free lunch.

So why not try the litter-free lunchbox idea? It’ll save you money, help save the planet, and likely be healthier for your child.

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