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Lunchbox Ideas Free Worksheet

Lunchbox Ideas Free Worksheet

This blog post marks the release of our newest downloadable freebie for you to print at home; The Lunchbox Ideas Free Worksheet!

The other day I read a meme about parenting. I cannot remember the exact words but it defined a mother as someone who carefully packs sandwiches every day so that they can be safely taken to school and then returned home. It must be very disheartening for those mothers who wake up early and put all their love into making fresh food for their children just in case they decide to eat that day.

free downloadable lunchbox ideas worksheet for childrenThis scenario got me thinking. It reminded me that children who help prepare a meal are more likely to eat it even if it contains something they usually refuse. Why can’t the same principle be applied to school lunchboxes?

Therefore, I decided to create a worksheet for children to complete with ideas that they have for food they would like to include in their lunchboxes.


Using the Lunchbox Ideas Free Worksheet

Obviously, if given free reign, most children will fill up the spaces with food items such as cupcakes, chips and chicken nuggets. So, this worksheet is also an opportunity for parents to discuss healthy food options with their children so that they can learn to make good food choices. This of course, will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

We believe that treats also have their place, so we have a column for treat ideas too.

My hope is that this worksheet can be used for a fun family project with the end result of taking some pressure off hard-working moms.

Download it here.

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