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Interesting Products for Home Life Feature: Panasonic Washing Machine

panasonic washing machine 2

Regular readers of this blog will notice that this post is a little different from the standard. That’s because I’ve decided to branch out and share with you other interesting, helpful products I come across that can help parents on the home front. The Sinchies brand is all about helping parents, so why not? My first helpful product feature is an awesome Panasonic washing machine. Drool.

Tough on Dirt

Panasonic have recently released a new washing machine which sports some great features including some designed to save electricity and water. (#capedrought seems applicable). I’d love to give this new machine a go as my husband’s work clothes suffer much dirt and abuse as he very hands on with his small business, and this washing machine boasts some really awesome washing innovations. Of course, this would also be a great feature for kids clothes with their usual array of grass stains and spilled milkshakes. Nevertheless, despite the machine being tough on dirt, it claims to be gentle on your more delicate fabrics.

Saving Time

Panasonic are aware that many parents today have to juggle parenting and hectic career schedules, so any time saved is time gained. (While we are discussing saving time, you might wish to see our previous article on freezable lunchbox ideas).

If you’re looking for a new washing machine, this is definitely one to consider.

Panasonic have released a press release which outlines these amazing features in more detail. Check it out below.

Panasonic Press Release

In our busy modern day lives, over time more emphasis is being placed on how we present ourselves to the world. Our clothing has become a vital aspect of how we decide to portray ourselves and our personal style. Our clothes speak a thousand words about us. With a great washing machine you can save time, money on electricity costs as well as being gentle on our garments, so half the battle is already won.

We have put together an infographic on one of South Africa’s great washing machines, to show you how innovative technology can help you live a better life and enjoy a better world today.

panasonic washing machine

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