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Healthy ice lollies, ice pops, bompies, bunny licks, or something

reusable ice lolly pouch

I recently conducted a survey on a South African Facebook group, and asked what people called those plastic packets filled with juice that you freeze. We all enjoyed eating them as children. After letting it run for a while, I tallied up the points by counting each reply as one point. If anyone reacted to that reply, I counted the engagement as a point too. Bunny licks got the majority vote.

I stopped counting after I received 74 comments and likes, and these are my results:

bunny lick pie chart

It was a bit surprising to find so many names for one item in one Southern African country, but it was a fun survey. I think I should conduct more.

For the purpose of this post, I’m going to refer to said juice packets as Bunny Licks because 1) I think it’s a cute name 2) it got the most votes

Bunny Licks: A Moral Dilemma

Do you have happy memories of sucking on the corner of a frozen bunny lick on a summer afternoon? That wonderful, sweet, plasticky taste (that now in retrospect is quite a disgusting thought)? Did you have a favourite colour and made sure you were first in line to grab the green/red/orange one?

If you are anything like me, I’m sure you’d love to share those happy memories with the next generation but you know that all the sugar, colourants, additives, etc, found in such are not good for your children. Also, as one of the participants of my survey posted, they are “a pain in the backside for creating more plastic waste”.

Bunny Licks: A Solution

reusable ice lollies pouchesIf you’ve read my blog before you probably know exactly what I am going to say next.

The solution to the above problems is to make your own out of fruit and yoghurt (healthier) and use reusable pouches (a lot less plastic waste).

Making a healthy bunny lick is easy. Use your favourite smoothie recipe; or blend a mix of fruit and yoghurt as you have available (sweeten with honey if necessary); pour into a reusable pouch and freeze. As easy as that you have a nutritious snack that will help keep your children hydrated on those hot, summer afternoons.

You can get your own set of Sinchies bunny lick / Ice Pop pouches here.

If you’re looking for a recipe that’s a bit more interesting, check this out:

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2 thoughts on “Healthy ice lollies, ice pops, bompies, bunny licks, or something

  1. I am originally from Cape Town, I live in the USA and tonight at church we were asked want we call it, everyone had similar answers and they asked me and I said Bunny Licks.. they all laughed and asked where did that name come from… I told them I had no idea but I would find out. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. That’s so funny! I wish I knew!

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