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Weekly Meal Planning & Free Downloadable

Free downloadable weekly meal planner

Many families have some kind of weekly meal planning system in place because it helps them save time and money. I recently conducted a survey on a South African Facebook group to ask people if they meal plan and their thoughts on the matter. Herewith some of their replies:

South Africa’s Thoughts on Weekly Meal Planning

I do keep a weekly plan. Helped me in busy days stay focus on what needs to be done with out having to worry what to eat. Like Monday it’s something easy. Tuesday is fish day. Wednesday, chicken. Thursday, pasta. Friday, take-out. This for supper only. My kid decides his lunch options for the week on a Sunday night.

I try to make one on the weekend for the next week. It helps me plan my grocery list and budget so I don’t overbuy. Don’t have specific days for anything. I go according to what I already have in the fridge/freezer and work around it. Especially with things like veggies that are on their last days.

I always meal plan but will be flexible if we feel like moving meals around in the week. Saves heaps of money and minimal waste when you plan ahead. (Read Reeva’s blog here)

I always make one but keep it flexible to change stuff around easily . Helps save money and reduce waste.

I do. Makes life simple!

I do. Wheat free nogal!

I meal prep my meals every Sunday for the week ahead It saves me time and money. I also prep healthy snacks for my kids for the weekend ahead.

Weekly Meal Planning and Setting Nutritional Goals

Another benefit of a meal plan is that it can help you reach nutritional goals you may have set for yourself or for your family, even if it is something as simple as eating one piece of fruit a day.

If you’re looking for some help in how to set nutritional goals and stick to them, you just have to read this article written by my friends on the Survivor Bunny blog. 

Free weekly meal planner downloadable

The Free Weekly Meal Planner Download

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