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Sinchies offers a versatile system of clear, reusable, eco- friendly, BPA free, plastic pouches used for storing and serving nutritious liquids, soft foods, sauces and salad dressings without the preservatives and sugars found in most pre-packaged goods.

With Sinchies, you’ve got the store bought convenience with healthy homemade goodness on the inside for optimum nutrition – and they can be used time and time again. Our pouches allow you and your children to eat healthy homemade goodness, additive free food whilst on the run, out and about, at work or at school!

The greatest thing about Sinchies reusable pouches is that they have so many uses beyond yoghurt, smoothies, jelly and baby food purees. You can use them for storing dips, soups, spice rubs, toiletries or for the needs of children with disabilities and the elderly. Take them camping and travelling. Our 80ml pouch is perfect for the international flight liquid restriction.

All Sinchies pouches are transparent so you can easily see the contents and this allows for easy filling and washing! We’d hate for you and your little one to get sick from a pouch that hasn’t been washed properly.

Owned and operated by mum of one, Sam explains how Sinchies came about “I was running a family daycare when squeezy yoghurts took the market by storm; both parents and kids loved them. But there was one little girl who was intolerant to dairy and she would cry because she couldn’t have a pouch of her own. Solving her pain became my purpose and my African background where we reuse and repurpose everything, became my inspiration.” Soon I was questioning “Why couldn’t kids, parents and indeed anyone have a pouch that could be filled with their own contents?” and “why couldn’t it be reusable to cut down costs and waste?” After two years of research Sinchies launched.

Using our reusable food pouches are not only kind on the environment but will also save you money compared buying the pre-filled squeezies. Check out our recipes for quick, affordable lunchbox solutions, food pouch and baby food recipes, and other great ideas.

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Why Choose Sinchies?

Sinchies are the original and multiple award winning pouches voted number one by mums.

The reason why you should choose Sinchies over other brands is because all our pouches are transparent.  This is the most important thing when choosing pouches! You need to be able to see inside them. Why?

Firstly and most importantly, you need to see if they are clean. If you have a coloured pouch you can’t see if there are any bits stuck inside them and risk contaminating you and your children’s food. Secondly – having a clear pouch allows you to see the contents and see if it is fresh!

And last of all – we don’t try to cover up any faults that may arise. If there is a defect with the product you will be able to see it and let us know.

  • Please wash or sterilize your Sinchies reusable food pouches before filling them.
  • Sinchies pouches are safe to use in the freezer and dishwasher. Saving you quality time! Cook in large batches, fill your pouches all at once and refrigerate or freeze them until needed.
  • We recommend heating the contents of your Sinchies up the old fashioned way in a jug of hot water. Here at Sinchies we don’t recommend putting any plastic products in the microwave. However if you choose to heat your food this way, we recommend using a medium temperature and giving them a shake around every 15 seconds or so as to not create hot spots. Please note that using the microwave will reduce the life of your pouches.
  • Featuring a super strong zip-lock to help prevent leaks
  • All our pouches are self standing making filling a cinch
  • Sinchies are all clear so you can see the contents but most importantly see for cleaning!
  • All our spout pouches come with standard lids. We encourage you to buy child safe choke free lids if using this product for babies and infants. Standard spare lids are also available.
  • Free from BPA, Phtalates and PVC, Sinchies are also recyclable. Each time to reuse our pouches you’re preventing another pre-filled pouch from contributing to landfill.
  • They will save you bundles on the cost of store bought yoghurt and baby food pouches! By simply filling you own pouches from a large tub of yoghurt or buying fruit and vegetables in bulk and filling your pouches to freeze when needed, you’ll be surprised as to just how much you can save.

Sizes and Accessories

Our 80ml pouch is a great lunchbox size, yoghurt serve and perfect on international flights with the 100ml liquid restriction! Or use them to store energy gels or gu’s when going on a hike, bike ride or when doing a triathalon.

The 140ml pouch size is the similar in size to the pre-filled baby food pouches, our ultimate size for baby food puree & also a great lunchbox size. Use them to serve and store purees, yoghurt, custard, jelly, yogo, smoothies and other things like salad dressing or even toiletries! Very handy for hand-bag or baby bag sized sunblock

Sinchies 200ml reusable pouch size is the perfect size for older children, parents, grandparents or littlies who have a healthy appetite. Use them to serve and store many a thing like purees, yoghurt, custard, yogo, smoothies, sauces, soups, leftovers and other things like salad dressing, toiletries or even washing liquid. You don’t have to fill them up all the way.

With the 500ml, you can make your own soup, stock, broth, juices, milks, cocktails and marinades at home and dispense it into these, saving space in the fridge and freezer!

The 1 litre sizes are our ultimate filling tool or accessory, great to fill your other pouches with. Or ready to fill with your favorite, healthy home cooking! Use them for storing bulk amounts of yoghurt, soups, stocks, juices, milks and lots more. They are also great for dry food such as cereal, rice, sago, etc, as the pouch will help keep the dry food fresh.

Sinchies Pops are the ultimate reusable icy pole pouch! Simply fill, seal and freeze. Once frozen simply rinse, pop and eat – these pouches are a similar size to ice lolly’s and catch the drips from melting ice cream on super hot days.

How Do I Fill My Sinchies Pouches?

  • Ensure the lid is tightly fastened & you’re ready to go!
  • Open the pouch at the ziplock top and at the bottom gusset so it expands & can stand up, making it easier to fill.
  • Use a 1 litre Sinchies reusable food pouch, funnel (or other accessory, if needed) to fill your Sinchies pouch.
  • When sealing the top ziplock, widen the bottom gusset with two fingers to help ensure your contents doesn’t spill out the top.

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Filing Tips From Fans:-

  • From Missy – Easy way to fill Sinchies, use a sauce bottle! Today they have vanilla yoghurt in  No mess!
  • From several mums –  Cut a plastic water/soft drink bottle to make a funnel. Makes it SO easy!
  • From Josie – Use a cupcake/pancake batter pourer I found in ‘House’ in Noosa Civic…so easy to fill my Sinchies reusable food pouches with
  • From Sarah – When filling a lot of them I have been using a piping bag!! Makes it way easy and hardly any mess!
  • From Sheree – I purée fruit in a Pyrex measuring jug (with a “pour lip”) and pour it in…slowly!
  • From Jessica – I have been using a zip lock bag then cutting a corner off and piping it in
  • From Jacqueline – I use a funnel. It works a treat!
  • From Kendell – Cake decorating cylinder.

How Do I Clean My Sinchies Pouches?

The easiest way to clean them is by using one of our cleaning brushes. Support the bottom of the pouch with your hand and use a twisting motion so the brush gets right down to the bottom of the pouch.

Our cleaning brushes come with a smaller brush (at the bottom) to clean the spout and seal with.

cleaning sinchies pouches

Some cleaning tips from our fans:-

  • From Kirsty: I sterilize – Wash them out with warm soap water. Pop them in a microwave sterilizer for 5 mins (I have a 950w) and they’re fine. I will also get some Milton and use both methods, I’m sure Milton will be gentler.
  • From Emma: I use a bottle brush here and pop them upside down in a cup of spoons to dry (or end of the bottle brush if only one)
  • From Rebecca: Bottle brush for the pouch and the bottle teat brush for the spout.
  • From Ashleigh: If there’s yoghurt dried in there from being in the lunchbox all day I rinse it under the tap with a drop of dishwashing liquid, and rub the sides together. Then it goes in the dishwasher!
  • From Sarah: I rinse them through the spout, then clean them with a tupperware small bottle brush
  • From Alison: As I tend to have 10+ going at once (5 kids!!) A bit of warm water and detergent, pop the lid back on and give a little shake. To dry them, I put a scrunched up piece of paper towel inside and leave them upside down on the drying rack. Otherwise they get smelly if they don’t dry properly and mine often get left in lunch boxes with yoghurt remnants inside.
  • From Cassandra: Bottle brush, then into the sterilizing bucket, rinsed then semi dried, then into the fridge until filled. We love’em
  • From Kerry: I just use a dishwasher & a cloth on the end of a butter knife if there are any stubborn bits stuck down the bottom

The Five Keys to Safer Food From the WHO Website:

  • Keep clean
  • Separate raw and cooked
  • Cook thoroughly
  • Keep food at safe temperatures
  • Use safe water and raw materials

Sinchies have no control over consumer’s effective food hygiene practices and will therefore not be held responsible for any issue, health or otherwise, that may arise due to the consumer’s choice to reuse pouches.

We wouldn’t continue selling these as reusable pouches if you couldn’t clean them properly! If you’re having a problem cleaning them and have tried the above tips please email us at info@reusablefoodpouch.co.za and we’ll be happy to help!

Sinchies have no control over consumer’s effective food hygiene practices and will therefore not be held responsible for any issue, health or otherwise, that may arise due to the consumer’s choice to reuse pouches.

How Do I Dry My Sinchies Pouches?

  • Fold the side seals together (so the bottom gusset and ziplock stay open) and pop them over the prongs in your dish rack
  • Get a short glass & some spoons or chopsticks. Please the utensils in the glass, pop each Sinchies pouch over one & they’ll dry in no time!
  • Use a round peg hanger
  • Or once they’ve been washed given them a shake and place them in the freezer.

From Sinchies fans:

  • From Ali: Use magnets and hang them on your range hood
  • From Claire: I dry mine by sticking them over the handle of the potato masher to keep them open
  • From Elly: I leave mine to dry on the bottle dryer (prongs), then store them in fridge or freezer

What Can I Put in My Sinchies Pouches?

ways to use sinchies pouches