Feeding child with cerebal palsy

Creating Independence for Special Needs Children

Sinchies Multiple Award Winning Reusable Pouches, have helped create independence for Special Needs children. Here are the stories from three such families.


Cerebral Palsy

My daughter has Cerebral Palsy so her gross motor skills aren’t great. We live a busy lifestyle of visiting lots of doctors and are always on the go. With Sinchies I know she is getting a nutritious snack that I have made myself with no nasty preservatives no matter how busy we are. As she is unable to feed herself most foods having Sinchies also gives her independence which for a 17 year old is really important. Thanks Sinchies. Made my life a little bit easier. Lifesaver!
– Dawn P




g-tube fed child

Brian is almost ten years old and was the victim of non-accidental brain injury at 2 months. Since then, he’s been fed via g-tube since he lacks the ability to coordinate swallowing. After I blend his food I pour each individual serving in a 500ml Sinchie. I can add his medication to the feed, attach a bolus feeding adapter directly to the Sinchies nozzle and feed by squeezing the Sinchie. We are very pleased with how Sinchies have made the feeding process so simple.
– Karen L




child with hidden feeding pump

Over the last almost ten years, we have been on a journey of tube feeding my oldest and youngest daughters. I was looking into a lighter way for my youngest to be able to carry her feeding pump and the bottle of formula. After some research I stumbled upon Sinchies. I now use the 500ml Sinchie for my daughter at school, I can put her pump and the Sinchie with all the air squeezed out into her backpack and off she goes. I am so happy 2 years down the track with my discovery of Sinchies.
– Belinda M




If you represent an organization that works with Special Needs individuals, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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