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We Are Moving House!

we are moving house

We are moving house at the moment, and this move is a bit more complicated than previous moves as it also marks a complete reshuffle of living arrangements in regards to some of my family members. As with any move, these few weeks have resulted in lost items, happy reunions with items that have been lost for several months, and a purge of old and too-small clothes.

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Recipe: Easy Banana Custard Suitable for Babies

banana custard suitable for babies

I haven’t posted any recipes lately so thought it was about time to do so. I love this easy banana custard recipe because it can be changed to suit your baby / toddler / child’s needs as well as your own preferences. It’s also really simple to make. It has no nasty additives or preservatives and can be made out of any milk, formula or even breast milk. How awesome is that?

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Why I Refuse to Worry About Day Zero

Refuse to worry about Day Zero

As Day Zero looms ever closer, most of Cape Town is in a panic over water. Accusations are being thrown around like confetti and there is a lot of anger targeted towards any possible cause, including the farmers growing our food, inadequate infrastructure and maintenance, suburbia’s swimming pools, informal settlements’ car washes, population growth, and climate change, etc. The list is growing. Whatever the cause (or causes), I feel that it is besides the point; there is a water shortage, and it has to be dealt with. We have to ride this wave (excuse the pun).

I agree that the prospect of standing in queues at water collection points is extremely daunting, but I have decided not to worry about this possibility and this is why (other than the fact that it keeps getting moved forward).

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Three Chocolate Smoothie Variations

three chocolate smoothie variations

Chocolate smoothies are a good alternative to chocolate milkshakes. They can also be infinitely tastier making them a good addition to lunchboxes. The only tricky part is finding chocolate smoothies recipes that you like best.

In order to make the task of finding your favourite chocolate smoothie recipe a bit easier, I’ve done a little bit of research and found three chocolate smoothie variations from other South African blogs.

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Healthy ice lollies, ice pops, bompies, bunny licks, or something

reusable ice lolly pouch

I recently conducted a survey on a South African Facebook group, and asked what people called those plastic packets filled with juice that you freeze. We all enjoyed eating them as children. After letting it run for a while, I tallied up the points by counting each reply as one point. If anyone reacted to that reply, I counted the engagement as a point too. Bunny licks got the majority vote.

I stopped counting after I received 74 comments and likes, and these are my results:

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Additives and Preservatives: What is Aspartame

aspartame found in diet food products

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener used in diet drinks, yoghurts, chocolate and other food items of a similar nature. It was discovered in 1965 and was approved for use in the food industry in 1981.

Aspartame is made from aspartic acid and phenylalanine which are both naturally occurring amino acids. As Aspartame is 200 times sweeter than standard cane sugar, the amount required to sweeten food is much less than that of sugar. However, despite this, many people are worried that Aspartame may be bad for your health.

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Additives and Preservatives: What is Sodium Benzoate

sodium benzoate in sugary drinks

Sodium Benzoate is a common food preservative. It is produced through a chemical reaction between sodium hydroxide and benzoic acid and is mostly used to preserve acidic foods such as fruit juice, carbonated drinks, pickles and salad dressings.  It is also used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.

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Recipe – Kid Friendly Coconut Jelly

coconut jelly

Here’s a simple dessert coconut jelly that is full of healthy fats from coconut milk. Your children are sure to love it! Most children love jelly and this one is rich and creamy because of the added coconut milk. It’s also easy to customize to suit your family’s preferred ingredients.  Continue reading Recipe – Kid Friendly Coconut Jelly