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Do Expiry Dates Matter?

do expiry dates matter

How seriously do you take the best before and expiry dates on the food products you buy? Every perishable item for sale in our stores includes some kind of date and some people refuse to eat anything past their expiry and best before dates. We know that these dates are a good indication of how fresh the food is, but exactly how necessary is it to abide by these dates?

After a bit of research I discovered a very interesting fact.

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Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables – What SA Moms Say – Part 2

get kids to eat vegetables

Our panel of South African moms came up with so many excellent ideas for getting kids to eat vegetables we decided to dedicate an entire blog post to their great ideas. If you are having trouble with your children and their eating habits, perhaps you’ll find a tip here that will be of help. (See part one of this series for more tips)

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8 Fab Tips on Getting Children to Eat Vegetables: Part 1

children eat vegetables

It’s an age old question. How do you get children to eat their vegetables? I’m sure you remember your experiences as a child faced with a vegetable you particularly disliked. Did your parents work hard to make sure you ate the vegetables despite your reluctance? Are you now finding yourself in your parents’ place and struggling to get your children to eat their vegetables? Here are some fab tips from around the net:

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Sinchies Facing the Plastic Crisis

plastic crisis Sinchies

Recently, National Geographic Magazine have been sharing some devastating photos of the plastic crisis our Planet Earth is currently experiencing. These photos are appalling. You can check them out here (National Geographic), here (National Geographic Instagram) and here (Bored Panda).

I understand that plastic has a necessary place in our world, but this resource being abused. Every resource must be used responsibly and very few are. This is an age old problem that isn’t just about plastic. For example, in one of Bill Bryson’s books (favourite author alert!), Bill tells us that pecan nut trees ran the risk of going extinct in America because it was easier for the first European settlers to cut down a tree to harvest the nuts, than it was to pick the nuts off the tree. Wow! Just wow!

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Baby Food Combo Ideas

Baby food combo ideas

As several people I know are about to welcome, (or have just welcomed) little bundles of joy into their lives, I can’t help but think how useful Sinchies pouches are for babies transitioning onto solid foods. Here are some great baby food combo ideas that are quick and easy for busy moms.

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Recipe: Thai Pumpkin (or Butternut) Soup

It is a rainy day. It is wet and cold and some of the puddles are getting so deep outside, I worry one of the dogs might fall in and not be able to get out! But it’s also the perfect weather for soup and one of my favourite soup recipes is this one for Thai Pumpkin Soup – or Thai Butternut Soup – whichever you have available. Of course, if you have any left over after the meal (a rare occurrence in our household), you can always freeze it in a 1 litre Sinchies pouch and save it for another rainy day.

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Lunchbox Ideas Free Worksheet

Lunchbox Ideas Free Worksheet

This blog post marks the release of our newest downloadable freebie for you to print at home; The Lunchbox Ideas Free Worksheet!

The other day I read a meme about parenting. I cannot remember the exact words but it defined a mother as someone who carefully packs sandwiches every day so that they can be safely taken to school and then returned home. It must be very disheartening for those mothers who wake up early and put all their love into making fresh food for their children just in case they decide to eat that day.

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Recipe: Gluten Free Chocolate and Black Bean Brownies

Gluten Free chocolate and black bean brownies

If you have ever baked chocolate brownies, you know that their delicious fudgy texture is mostly because of an embarrassing amount of sugar. Believe me, I love chocolate brownies (I could do with one right now), but I cringe whenever I make them because of the sugar. So, if you want a chocolate brownie treat, what can you do to reduce the sugar and keep the texture. This gluten free chocolate brownie recipe extraordinaire uses black beans (Yay for hidden veg!) for the texture allowing you to use less sugar. Did I mention, it’s also Gluten Free!

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Sinchies Voucher Inside!

Sinchies Reusable Food Pouch Voucher

We promised you a Sinchies Voucher, and here it is finally!

Use Voucher Code CleanEating at checkout and you will receive a 10% discount on your order!

Don’t delay – this voucher is only valid for a week. Use your voucher code here.

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sinchies voucher announcement