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Baby Food Combo Ideas

Baby food combo ideas

As several people I know are about to welcome, (or have just welcomed) little bundles of joy into their lives, I can’t help but think how useful Sinchies pouches are for babies transitioning onto solid foods. Here are some great baby food combo ideas that are quick and easy for busy moms.

When transitioning to solids, many parents first try some kind of rice, oatmeal or barley cereal. It is plain, unlikely to cause any allergic reactions and can easily be mixed with breast milk or formula making it even easier for baby to embrace the new texture as a familiar taste may help baby be more willing to eat the new food.


Nothing could be easier that rice cereal. All you need is rice powder and clean water. Just warm it up and stir.

The next baby food step is usually fruit purree. Herewith some fruit combo ideas for you and Baby to try.

Baby Food Combos with Pear

baby food combo puree with pear

Baby Food Combos with Apple

baby food combos with apple

Baby Food Combos with Banana

baby food combo puree with banana


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