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Are you a Vegetable Smuggler?

toddler eating

Do you smuggle vegetables into your children’s food? Some moms are very much against it and others reckon their children would never eat vegetables without the smuggling and resultant hidden vegetables. Some smuggler moms say that even their husbands, who would otherwise not eat their vegetables, have benefited from vegetable smuggling!

At Sinchies HQ, we do both because vegetables are good for you, and also because we believe that it is good for both adults and little ones to get used to the idea that eating vegetables contributes to a balanced diet.

Our Favourite Vegetable Smuggling Tips

  1. toddler eatingSteam and puree vegetables and add it to pasta and pizza sauces
  2. Pureed vegetables, a dash of cream, mustard, and seasoning makes a delicious sauce on its own (we use it for for things like chicken and meatballs).
  3. Added grated vegetables to bolgnaise sauce
  4. Replace some of the mince in bolgnaise with lentils
  5. Rename food as something fun that kids will like; an example is to rename a creamed spinach pasta dish to Shrek Spaghetti
  6. Steamed and pureed pumpkin can replace butter in baking
  7. Make pink cupcakes using beetroot
  8. Pureed pumpkin/butternut mixed into white sauce is great for things like macaroni cheese.
  9. This cool courgette cupcake recipe from Nomu!

If you have any great vegetable smuggling tips, we’d love to hear them!

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