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Additives and Preservatives Round-Up

additives and preservatives round up

I recently wrote a series of articles on some of the various additives and preservatives commonly found in our food. I thought it would be nice to have an additives and preservatives round-up article for easy reference should you wish to check up on a particular additive.

So, here they are and feel free to bookmark this page so that you can find them again easily.

snack with msgWhat is MSG? Found in savoury snacks. Link to article.

I recently read that MSG inhibits the “had enough” feeling you usually get after eating, which would explain why snacks can be so moreish. Perhaps it’s the MSG.



unhealthy hotdog tartrazineWhat is Tartrazine? Often found in almost anything with a yellow or green colour to it. Link to article.

Not only used in food items (think sauces and fruit juices), but also in toiletries and even medicines.



sodium benzoate in sugary drinksWhat is Sodium Benzoate? A preservative mostly found in fruit juices. Link to article. 




aspartame found in diet food products

What is Aspartame? A sweetener that has become ever more popular since the Sugar Tax hit South Africa. Link to article. 


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