sam of sinchiesSinchies was founded by Sam Spunner who launched her first product, the 80ml pouch in 2012.

“Working in childcare I would see children come in with lunchboxes bursting of pre-packaged food that was full of added sugar, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. While convenient, there was minimal nutritional value in them. So I started thinking about healthier options to fast food.”

She continues, “I couldn’t stop thinking about all the added sugars, lost nutrients and waste on the environment. Soon I was questioning, ‘Why couldn’t kids, parents and indeed anyone have a pouch that could be filled with their own contents?’ And ‘why couldn’t it be reusable to cut down cost and waste?’ ” After two years of research and using her African roots as inspiration, Sinchies was born, and ready to give parents a convenient yet healthier, eco-friendly option to store-bought pre-packed food.

Ashley of sinchiesNot too long after Sinchies was launched in Australia, Ashley, who spent her high-school days with Sam and who was now living in Cape Town, fell in love with the product. She imported a few Sinchies pouches to test out and within a few days knew that this product was just what South Africa needed. She set about becoming South Africa’s sole distributor of Sinchies Pouches.

Sinchies is now the largest reusable pouch company in Australia, has won multiple awards in Australia as well as the Baba Indaba Green Award in South Africa. Sinchies is revolutionizing the “fast food” industry with fun, healthy recipes and reusable pouches that were inspired from Sam’s years as a childcare educator.