5 Awesome tips

5 Awesome Tips to Improve Your Family’s Diet

With more and more tempting convenience food on our stores’ shelves, we run the risk of impacting our health negatively. We all know that additives, colourants and preservatives aren’t very good for us. How can we help improve our family’s diet?

Here are Five Awesome Tips to Improve Your Family’s Diet

1. Have Healthy Snacks Available

Healthy snacks does not just have to be fruit. There are many options such as slices of a colourant-free cheese, nuts and peanuts, muesli bars, dates, raisins, rice crackers and vegetable crisps. Smoothies and plain yoghurt with seasonal fruit and honey are also good options.

2. Get Your Kids Involved

Children are more likely to eat healthy food if they are involved in the cooking process. Perhaps they can help you cut up vegetables for a family meal, or provide some input and help in packing their school lunchboxes.

3. Make a Meal Plan

Having a meal plan has several advantages. It will help you save costs by reducing waste when shopping as you will be able to plan what to purchase. It will also help reduce that temptation to buy takeaways or ready-meals.

4. Action One Goal At A Time

You don’t have to put everything into practice from day one. Work on one goal at a time. Once you have met your goal, you can add another one to the list. For example, you might decide to eat one piece of fruit every day. You can work at building it into your breakfast meal, or replace your mid-day doughnut with a a handful of seasonal berries.

5. Plan to Cheat

If you decide to build Friday night pizzas into your family’s meal plan, do so! Scheduled cheating will help you stick to your other goals.

Is there an easy way to feed your family with healthy and nutritious homemade snacks when out and about, instead of relying on store-bought snacks?

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