With a bit of imagination, your Sinchies pouches can become one of your most useful kitchen accessories. Sinchies pouches are so versatile and can be used for any meal or snack of the day. The bigger sized pouches can be used to store stocks, soups and marinades as you will see in the 1 Litre section of our recipes! 

Smoothies are great to take along to gym, and can be stored in the 500ml man-sized pouch, or in the 80ml or 140ml size pouches for smaller members of the family.

Don't like to eat breakfast too early? No worries - just take your breakfast along with you conveniently packed in a Sinchies pouch!

If you are spending the day travelling, or want to send nutritious lunchbox snacks to school with your children, our lunchbox and dessert ideas are ideal! And they are so delicious, you will love them too! Of course, feeding baby when you are out and about has never been easier than when using Sinchies pouches!

Even your favourite South African recipes work well with Sinchies Pouches! Melkos, Boeber and Falooda store well in Sinchies Pouches and are so easy to pack in your picnic basket. Going to a braai? Take your meat and marinades (and cocktail mixes) in the 1 Litre pouches and after the braai, your dishwasher can do the cleaning for you!