Sinchies Pops Recipes

Sinchies Pops Pouches do not have a spout on the side. These great pouches can be used to make pops (ice-lollies) and bunny-licks. Just whizz up some fruit and/or yoghurt, pour it into the pouch and freeze. When your little one wants a treat, open the pouch and push the frozen fruit a little way out of the pouch. Your children can then enjoy a delicious and healthy fruit treat. Perfect for our South African summers!

Please be sure to push the frozen treat out far enough out of the pouch so that your children can eat their frozen treat easily, and show them how to push it out further themselves when they need to.

Sinchies Pops can be resealed and placed back in the freezer for a later time if the contents are not finished, ensuring minimal wastage. 

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